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welded yagi antenna

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welded yagi antenna
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welded yagi antenna

RFI 11dBi Yagi Antenna - Fully Welded Aluminium - 806-896MHz

RFI 11dBi YB806 Telstra Yagi Directional Antenna


Key Features


·         Fully welded construction for maximum performance and reliability

·         Extremely durable, long MTBF

·         Can be configured in stacks or bays for higher gain applications

·         Short low loss cable tail with N-female connector

·         Australian manufactured and warrantied.



·         This is a very high quality antenna designed for applications requiring high performance, low passive inter-modulation, and very low VSWR

·         This type of antenna is typically deployed in 3G M2M control applications such as smart metering, water monitoring, etc.

·         The YB806 Series are high gain Low PIM Yagi antennas which provide excellent point to point communications in RF control, short or long haul link, point to multi-point and other applications calling for highly directional antennas

·         YB806 Series antennas exhibit narrow beamwidths (comparatively) and high front to back ratios to help minimise any potential interference to and from other systems

·         The feed element of each antenna is of full folded dipole construction, welded to the mounting boom for maximum bandwidth, low intermodulation performance and reliability

·         The passive elements are through mounted to the circular boom section and welded at each side before plating

·         The alodine protective finish provides a conductive surface to ensure effective earthing of the antenna when mounting.




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