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BaoFeng UV-82HP (CAMO) High Power Dual Band Radio:

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BaoFeng UV-82HP (CAMO) High Power Dual Band Radio:
Sort: Dual band walkie talkie CE,FCC
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BaoFeng UV-82HP (CAMO) High Power Dual Band Radio: 136-174mhz (VHF) 400-520mhz (UHF) Amateur (Ham) Portable Two-Way

From the Manufacturer

BaoFeng UV-82HP

High Output 7 Watt UV-82HP

The UV-82HP is the second generation of the classic UV-82 Series. Some new features found in the UV-82HP are the three selectable power levels (Low - 1 watt, Medium - 5 watt, High- 7 watt) allowing for a high-output of seven watts.

What Makes it Unique?

* It has 3 Power Levels (1, 5, 7 watt)

* VFO/ MR (Frequency Mode) can be locked via software

* The Dual Push-to-Talk Switch can be synchronized via software to simplify operation of the radio

* A new 80 Page In-Depth User's Guide

* It includes the High Gain V-85 Antenna to Optimize Performance

* Full Accessory Compatibility with ALL UV-82 accessories

* Multiple TONE Burst Options on a NEW user Menu. Selectable Tone Burst Options Include: 1000hz, 1450hz, 1750hz, 2100hz

Customize Your Operation With Channels, Programmable Buttons, And More.

You can program your UV-82HP exactly how you want it. There are 128 programmable memory channels. You can add or remove channels from scanning list using the free computer software. You can give channels alphanumeric names, using a computer. The radio has 3 power levels (7 watt maximum), allowing you to choose how far you can communicate. You can set VFO limits using the CHIRP software. You can easily program the radio from the keypad and programming from a PC allows even more options to set-up your radio to operate exactly as needed.

Frequency range: [TX] 136 - 174MHz, 400 - 520MHz, [RX] 136 - 174MHz, 400 - 520MHz, 68-108MHz (FM Broadcast).

What's in the box:

UV-82HP Radio Body, 1800mAh Battery, High Gain Antenna, Earpiece with Remote Mic, Desktop Charger, 120 volt AC Adapter, Belt Clip, Wrist Strap.


Company name:
Asia Radio Sale Equipment Co.Ltd  TEL:00852-22392886  FAX:00852-22392886
MSN:radio.supplier@gmail.com    Skype:asia.radio.sale
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